Seattle Trading Post was forged under the WeWork roof in South Lake Union by Luna Alison Alvarez, Nick Lathe, Claire Lyles, and Stephanie Nilles. Seattle Trading Post connects the community of makers to allow people in the DIY community to learn from each other, and contribute their own skills. Developed for General Assembly's Web Development Immersive. The developers collaborated over a week's time before pushing their child to the depths of the internet.

Using the app is simple. Sign-up or login. Each user is given two tickets upon signing up. These tickets grant you access to events hosted by other users. Recieve more tickets by hosting an event which recieves at least 1/2 capacity attendance. Donations encouraged (honesty policy). Donate page located on the event's page.



Luna A.

GitHub: cestlou
A Southern California native, Luna is a computer programmer that has been living in Seattle for three years. Being new to the scene, Luna loves learning and growing her repertoire of skills. On the off chance she's not sitting in front of her computer, she loves her pug, watching Adventure Time, and exploring the city.

Nick L.

GitHub: nicklathe
Nick is a Seattle web developer, motorcycle enthusiast, and an adventurer. He loves Seattle, handmade American goods, and learning new things. He is not a hipster, despite his appearance. Nick loves working as a web developer, where he gets to calaborate with and build amazing products with a great team.

Claire L.

GitHub: clairelyles
Claire recently moved to Seattle to join GA's WDI course. As a California transplant she sought to grow her community both within the tech industry, as well as gain new hobbies in the Pacific Northwest. Claire and her team created the STP as a way for Seattleites to get out into their community.

Stephanie N.

GitHub: stephaniejn
Stephanie is a Seattle-based web developer and film producer. Having spent the last six years in Canada and Europe, Stephanie is passionate about exploring new cultures, travel and all things Canadian. When Stephanie isn’t coding or making films, she loves to hike, take photos and hit things in Taekwondo.